& Goat Services

Tararua Breeding Centre’s main objective is to look after your sheep and goats as if they were our own, so they are able to produce the best quality semen and embryos. Every care and attention is taken, as we love your animals as much as you do! 

Our Small Ruminant Embryo Transfer (E.T.) Centre and Small Ruminant Semen Collection Centre are both approved by MPI for export around the world (as long as there is an export protocol for a specific country). 

Courtney collecting from Texel ram

The E.T. Centre has been collecting embryos for both local and overseas markets for clients. We are proud of our team of technicians and embryologists who work around the world in multiple species, have decades of experience and consistently deliver excellent results to our clients.

Our on-farm services for sheep and goats include:

Valais ewe with embryo overlay